About me

Software engineer highly proficient with JavaScript. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Tribhuvan University. 5+ years of professional experience in software services. Been speaking the language of computers since the age of 14.

My proficiency lies not just with high-level frameworks and libraries but also in core programming and problem-solving. So, you can have peace of mind while I am working on turning your ideas into reality.

Picture of Anup
Picture of Anup

Why you should choose me

  • I am a highly experienced engineer with a vast array of skills under my belt.
  • I have a nice blend of soft skills and hard skills.
  • I can talk the talk, but more importantly, I can walk the walk.
  • I take deadlines seriously. I communicate any red flags ASAP.
  • I make informed decisions only after carefully evaluating all the available options.
  • I write high quality, well-engineered and organized code.
  • I self-review and test my work multiple times before I submit it.

My specialties include

  • Single Page Application (SPA) development
  • RESTful API design and development (confirming to JSON:API spec if needed)
  • Real-time app development using socket programming
  • Tailored libraries/modules/components development
  • JavaScript mentoring with or without using frameworks (technical + hands-on)
  • Code quality inspection and pull requests review
  • Docker and CI/CD setup

I am proficient with

  • General purpose - JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Frontend - HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, LESS, JQuery, decent understanding of UX
  • Frameworks - ReactJS, LitElement, LitHtml, PolymerJS, Custom Web Components
  • Backend - NodeJS, ExpressJS, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • Tooling - Webpack, Git, Linters, Bash, Github Actions, CI/CD, Docker
  • Hosting - Netlify, Heroku, Vercel, AWS, Github Pages

In addition to the skills mentioned above, I have limited experience in

  • Gatsby, PHP (Laravel, Codeigniter), Svelte, VueJS, NextJS
  • NestJS, MongoDB, Elm, Elixir (Phoenix), Rollup, GCS, etc.